A program that will work with everything you do!


With so many varied and varied fitness styles and programs around, it can be easy to jump on each and every one of them and go crazy with excitement. Bu I have found something which balances what Alive Personal Training values and believes in with what we want to deliver. With all the training tools we use and the ethos … Read More

The power of proper posture


  With so much sitting and hovering over technology, something has to give. Unfortunately in today’s world it is our posture. Whether it is actually sitting or overloading ourselves incorrectly, not mobilising or stretching enough. Who knows. But the fact is many of us are do not have sound posture. I don’t just mean head and shoulders. Posture encompasses everything … Read More

Here you go. Let’s chew on the fat!!

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Trans. Saturated. Omega-3. Omega-6. Omega-9. Polys. Monos. So many fats to keep track of! And information in the media and science seem to conflict about which fats are healthy and which are not. It’s no wonder many people are confused about which types of fats we should be eating – and which types we should be avoiding. 3 Myths About … Read More

Bands vs weights


Hello to all, I hope you are having a great day. As you may or may not be aware of, Alive Personal Training is very big on power bands and brining those into our training sessions. It is not that we solely use these, however there are reasons which we do and in this blog I will inform you as … Read More

Why your stomach really isn’t that sweet.


With my plight of sugar reduction still on the go, it is interesting to read that there is actually more serotonin in your gut than in your brain(the happy/feel good neurotransmitters). So you might be able to understand there might be a link between food and mood even more than before. Here is an article I found I thought might … Read More

3 Steps to beat sugar cravings


You know the feeling… you’ve made it to mid-afternoon at work and then the sugar craving hits. You head to the vending machine to snap up a chocolate bar, bag of lollies or can soft drink to get your fix. With all the talk about sugar taxes the ever increasing incidences of Lifestyle diseases due to overconsumption of sugar, is … Read More

Good support is not just from your friends and family


Sports bras – the “elephant in the room” of women’s running and fitness apparel but without doubt, one of the most important items of exercise clothing a woman can buy. No matter what standard of runner or athlete you are, good support whilst you are running is vital for both your running comfort and for the long term health of … Read More

Never too old to start…


You are never too old to start an activity program. A study released in the Journal of the American Medical Association showed that women over age 65 may live longer and better lives if they change their activity and exercise patterns for the better. Although there is little doubt that long term participation in physical activity or exercise can aid … Read More

Mental Success into 2017 and beyond!


One of my loves is short, sharp phrases or affirmation to help me switch on and stay focused with my goals. Here are 45 I have selected to keep you mentally tough from here on in. Notice they are not all fitness or nutrition based. They cover a number of different lifestyle aspects. Enjoy! 1. When in doubt… give more … Read More

Who is cheering for you?

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Hi, How are you? Are you doing well. Is the end of the year treating you as you had hoped? Those goals you set up to achieve, are they any closer or have you collapsed in a heap with all the social pressure and expectations from work and client Christmas parties and family and school celebrations. You know what. I … Read More