One Step at a Time

With A change of season well set in now, more often than not the first things to go are our fitness and health goals. The warm bed “gives us permission to sleep in?” and it is “so much harder to do things in the cold”.

Are these just a few of the excuses we tell ourselves. What about our nutrition? How does that fair in the cooler months.

Remember this: Keep yourself focused and on task for the next few weeks and when it comes to Summer, it will be a whole lot easier!!

Here are some tips for those who feel as thought they have fallen off a little and those who are just beginning who find things can be be a little overwhelming and intimidating.

  1. Motivation is key. Many people start out an exercise program with boundless enthusiasm, but have left it by the wayside after only a few weeks. It is difficult to keep that initial enthusiasm high over the next few months, but don’t despair. I am here to help. If you skip a workout, or get lazy for a few days, let me know! I will change have a talk and discuss ways to make it happen, or do whatever it takes to get you going again. And remember, skipping one or two workouts is certainly not a tragedy – don’t guilt yourself into thinking that you’ve set yourself back, or ruined the progress you’ve made. Working out is not about feeling guilty, it’s about feeling great!
  2. Lifestyle changes are far more successful in reaching your goals than radical one off actions. By this, I mean that you could go for a ten kilometre run tomorrow, and probably not gain as much as if you went for a half hour jog, and eliminated your chocolate biscuit with the morning cup of coffee. Think of this as a new beginning. All you need is subtle changes to your lifestyle, you know, take the stairs if its only a few flights, walk, don’t drive, to the station in the morning, or the local shop on Saturday morning to pick up your paper. And lifestyle changes are far easier to maintain over the long term than sudden and intense bursts of exercise. You want to be healthier for life, right?
  3. Nutrition is also an essential part of health and fitness. No matter what your goals are, it is always important to eat a well balanced diet. Balance, of course, means moderation. It’s okay to have take-away once in a while, just not every week. And yes, we all know what a healthy diet is. More fruit and veggies, less processed foods. For more specific information, look at , or e-mail me and I can arrange for you to have your own eating plan to boost your results.
  4. Perfect Technique is the Best Way to Results. Once you have your program, make sure you understand how to perform the exercises. Maybe hire a personal trainer, train with an experienced exerciser or group. The most common flaw in an exercise regime is poor technique – not only can you do damage to you knees, shoulders, lower back and hips, but you may not be working the appropriate muscles as hard as you should be. You will get more out of your workouts if your technique is right – and therefore, you will get better results!
  5. Enjoy yourself! If your program is not enjoyable, you are likely to give it up. Speak to me, rather than suffering in silence. Remember that I am here to help you – and I haven’t done my job if you aren’t enjoying yourself. I will do my best to motivate you, if you put in the hard work.

Feel free to contact me if you have any questions at all. Even if we have not met I am happy to give you the necessary guidance to make sure you are on track.


Wishing you the best of success,

Alive PT