North Shore Group Fitness

A one hour workout is only 4% of your day. No excuses!

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ALIVE PERSONAL TRAINING group fitness programs involve outdoor gym activity and expert personal trainer’s workouts, custom-designed exercises which systematically allow any client with any fitness level to achieve the optimum level of physiological, psychological, social and mental adaptations.

We believe that EVERYBODY CAN DO IT! The most exciting feature of outdoor strength & conditioning is the variety! In fact we ensure that the workouts change at regular interval to reduce the incidence of performance plateau’s and this also keep the boredom out of training.

Come along to if you want to:

  • Improve your fitness
  • Burn a serious amount of calories
  • Increase strength
  • Develop phenomenal core strength
  • Have loads of fun with like minded people
  • Enjoy the variety of training to keep you motivated
  • Be instructed at every one of your workouts by a qualified and professional trainer
  • Become motivation to exercise and exercise in a group
  • Enjoy peace of mind, knowing that every one of your workouts has counted
  • Escape the boredom of traditional gym memberships
  • Expert nutritional advice for weight loss, improved energy levels and better health
  • Have no gimmicks, no hype or outrageous claims shoved in your face
  • Have no lock in contracts or long term commitments

While we do enjoy training outdoors and enjoying the fresh air and tranquil, peaceful suuroundings, if there is inclement weather, we do provide shelter so we can all maintain our training continuity and make sure your goals are one step closer to being acheived.

So, where does all this take place?

Wednesday 6am-7am @ Lindfield Public School
Friday         6am-7am @ Lindfield Public School
Saturday     7:30am-8:30am @ Two Turners Reserve, Gladstone Pde, Lindfield



Linda L.

Training really helped in in my fitness goals. Over the past year I've lost about 13 kilos. Good combination of doing a training and exercising 3 days a week and a little bit of change in diet as well. Training has been real critical part of it and doing bootcamp with Michael has really helped to keep me motivated, keep me going to training and pushing me beyond what I would do if I was lift my own devices where I sort of slack of a little or not even bother going. So it really gets me motivation to keep going and get out there each of those mornings and work as hard as I can.

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