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About Alive Personal Training 


At Alive Personal Training every effort is made to create specialised programs for our clients that are varied, enjoyable, challenging yet achievable. We endeavour to assist our clients in making positive lifestyle changes that will be ongoing, and also help them adapt to these changes with support, motivation and nutritional advice.

You can find us in:

  • Chatswood
  • Gordon
  • Lane Cove
  • Roseville
  • Willoughby
  • North Shore
  • Lindfield

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Karl Stefanovic, Today Host Show

“G’day folks I’m Karl Stefanovic and I have been with Alive now for about 6 months and I’ve just found it incredible in the way it’s just toned me up physically. I’m not a fan of doing really heavy weights or anything but this stuff using my own body weight I’ve found really beneficial. I’ve just got fitter, I’ve got stronger, and overall the experience is incredibly enjoyable and also rewarding. I’ve found it better than a gym. So it’s been fantastic for me and I can thoroughly recommend it to anyone.”

— Karl Stefanovic

I’m Hooked on Alive Personal Training!

“Having 3 young children Alive Personal Training has brought self-confidence, fitness and fun back into my life. I knew I was in good hands with Michael Winter”

— Peta Taylor-Smith

Switched to Alive PT, best thing I’ve done

“I’m Andrew, training for 2 years. I belong to gyms and for the past few years I switched to PT, best thing I’ve done. Definitely got the results, been doing 1 on 1 training and the good thing is Michael comes to my place and has a regular time which is good. I’ve been doing a mixture of core strength and fitness – Boxing, core strength and body strength which is great. Overall it’s been a good move for me, I’m very glad I’m with Michael.”

— Andrew

I achieved my goals and more

“I’ve been attending a live group sessions now for about 12 months I go twice a week and I am significantly fitter and stronger than I’ve ever been I particularly like the variety of activities and exercises we do when you turn up in the morning you never quite sure what you might be doing so it’s never dull and that’s a good thing Michael is very enthusiastic was very supportive and very positive and that brings out the best in me so I always strive to do my best when I’m there I recently had five weeks off and i genuinely missed the sessions I never thought I’d say that 12 months ago so i highly recommend michael and a livepersonal training.”

— Linda


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Locations: Chatswood, Gordon, Lane Cove, Roseville, Willoughby, North Shore and Lindfield.

Mobile: 0405 014 629

Email: info@alivept.com.au

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