Karl Stefanovic recommends Alive Personal Training

“G’day folks I’m Karl Stefanovic and I have been with Alive now for about 6 months and I’ve just found it incredible in the way it’s just toned me up physically. I’m not a fan of doing really heavy weights or anything but this stuff using my own body weight I’ve found really beneficial. I’ve just got fitter, I’ve got stronger, and overall the experience is incredibly enjoyable and also rewarding. I’ve found it better than a gym. So it’s been fantastic for me and I can thoroughly recommend it to anyone.”

–Karl Stefanovic, Today Show Host

Linda L.

Training really helped in in my fitness goals. Over the past year I’ve lost about 13 kilos. Good combination of doing a training and exercising 3 days a week and a little bit of change in diet as well. Training has been real critical part of it and doing bootcamp with Michael has really helped to keep me motivated, keep me going to training and pushing me beyond what I would do if I was lift my own devices where I sort of slack of a little or not even bother going. So it really gets me motivation to keep going and get out there each of those mornings and work as hard as I can.


Switched to Alive PT, best thing I’ve done

“I’m Andrew, training for 2 years. I belong to gyms and for the past few years I switched to PT, best thing I’ve done. Definitely got the results, been doing 1 on 1 training and the good thing is Michael comes to my place and has a regular time which is good. I’ve been doing a mixture of core strength and fitness – Boxing, core strength and body strength which is great. Overall it’s been a good move for me, I’m very glad I’m with Michael.”


Can  a  slug  endorse  slug p ellets?

I guess so. I had a good thing going until Michael Winter came along. The annual sit up had been missed for a few years ... I could blame the fat, aches and sluggishness on heaps of wonderful things like cake, wine, sitting around all day, chemotherapy, hormone therapy, radiotherapy, depression, double mastectomy or aging rellos or my kids. I could say that the seniors' beginner class yoga hurt.

Or that exercise was lonely and boring and I could do it in a coffee shop. After all, Fatso Clothes are as cheap as chips on ebay. Speaking of which ... And of course I expected this uber fit Nazi with no sense of humour to rock up.

Okay, he's fit but he doesn't lord it over anyone. Hides the macho. Of course I expected to be miserable and to hate going. Or that the guy would laugh at me and we'd have our first and final session when he realised I didn't like wearing expensive trainers and wasn't going near lycra ever.

But of course Michael Winter knows how to connect with people. And of course he knows an exercise that won't challenge that mastectomy scar, dislocated knee, sore ankle or fractured eyelash. And Michael has heard it all and won't be put off

After a while I ran out of excuses. And now I can do the seniors yoga (just) and walk everywhere and have all this energy and feel upbeat and almost look forward to joking around with Michael in the park once a week. I have even considered doing a sit up on my own ... but resisted the temptation. The mental health benefits of exercise are huge, as I now tell the kids. And if I do look like a bit of a dag in the park, at least local pedestrians have had a laugh. Well worth the money.

Very ethical and safe. Plenty of physiological insight and common sense.

Highly recommended.

Jane Salmon Lindfield
0417 919 354

We have had the pleasure of Michael Winter being our personal trainer now for ten months & over that time our fitness level & posture has improved remarkably plus we now also enjoy a healthy lifestyle.

Each week Michael provides a varied & tough training programme but at the same time includes fun into it.

Michael is a true professional with a passion for fitness training & we have no hesitation at all in recommending Michael as a personal trainer.

Kind Regards,
Ross Vinen & Christine Thorne
Senior Liability Underwriter
International Brokers
QBE Australia

I have been a client of Michael Winter(Alive Personal Training) since December 2005 both in his circuit (class) and with his personal training.

Mihael provides his services in a most professional way with a personality and infectious energy.

I have found his programs have improved my overall fitness, flexibilty, muscle tone, core stability and weight loss as well as improving my capacity to handle the stresses of day to day life.

His programs are put together for the client’s specific needs and delivered with an understanding of the purpose and target fitness level of each specific exercise. He is an excellent motivator and I cannot recommend him more highly.

David Smith

Michael Winter(Alive Personal Training) has been my trainer from the beginning of this year. I have had a few problems with my body and as such have at times been restricted to limited flexibility. Michael has been sensitive to this and customised an exercise program to suit my individual needs. On a weekly basis my ability to handle certain exercises changes and Michael has been able to accommodate this into the plan.

Having one–on-one training for me has been very beneficial and has given me confidence in regard to what I now know my body can handle .

I would highly recommend Michael to anyone looking to improve their physical wellbeing and fitness levels within a personalised, friendly and enjoyable environment.


Sue Grundy

Hi, I'm a mother of two young children and working part time. I have always made time to exercise, but without achieving any real results. I have been training with Michael up to three times a week for nearly two years as part of his group fitness training sessions. The sessions are always pitched with reference to the varying abilities of the group and have really made the heart rate rise. Our workouts have increased as our fitness has improved so it has stayed challenging! There has been lots

of hard work, but the results are really showing - it is such a nice feeling to have clothes getting looser for a change. Working as part of a group encourages you to show up each week and not slacken off during the session. I never knew the day would come when the scales would drop,but I have now lost over 10kgs and kept it off for the last six months.

The training sessions are an integral part of my week and I look forward to them. Michael motivates us to take our fitness to the next level and I would recommend his training sessions to anyone interested in making a positive improvement to their wellbeing.

Kathryn Breden