10 hikes for you to try.

When you think of grand hikes and walks around the world you often hear of Nepal, Tibet, South America or other continents outside our own Terra Australis.

With our country so vast and picturesque, and relatively unexplored looking at our own backyard might be a good place to start.

Multi-day hiking opens up a world of adventure opportunities, unlocking parts of Australia’s wilderness often accessible by no other means.

So lace up your boots, strap on your pack and don’t forget to pack the bandaids – here’s a list of 10 of Australia’s best long-distance hiking trails.

Before you head off, make sure you do your research and be at a fitness level appropriate to the hike or better so you will maximise the enjoyment of your expedition.

1. Larapinta Trail, NT

Larapinta trail

Image: Tourism NT

Location: West MacDonnell Range, Northern Territory

Length: 16–20 days (including rest days)

Distance: 223 km

Difficulty: Hard

Access: One-way walk; good road access along track, including at ends

Info: Walking during the cooler months, from April–September, is recommended. Food drops required.

2. Thorsborne Trail, QLD

Thorsborne trail

Image: Tourism Queensland

Location: Hinchinbrook Island, Far North Queensland

Length: 4–5 days

Distance: 32 km

Difficulty: Moderate

Access: One-way; boat transport required at both ends

Info: Walking during the cooler months, from April–September, recommended Permits required; need to be booked well in advance

3. Australian Alps walking track, VIC/NSW/ACT

Larapinta trail

Location: High Country of ACT, NSW and Victoria

Length: 45–60 days (including rest days)

Distance: 655 km

Difficulty: Hard

Access: One-way; road access at both ends.

Info: Best done in the warmer months. Food drops required.


4. Fraser Island Great Walk, QLD

Larapinta trail

Lake McKenzie (Boorangoora). One of Fraser’s most popular drawcards. (Image: Andrew Gregory)

Location: Queensland

Length: 5–7 days

Distance: 84 km

Difficulty: Easy

Access: One-way; boat transport required to island; both ends of the walk accessible by vehicle

Info: Walking during the cooler months, from April–September is recommended. Campsite bookings and permits required.

5. Wilderness Coast Walk, VIC/NSW

wilderness coast walk

Image: Joanna Egan

Location: South coast of NSW and Victoria

Length: 4–5 days

Distance: 61 km

Difficulty: Medium

Access: One-way; boat transport required at one end, road access at other

Info: Permit required, book in advance

6. Overland Track, TAS

wilderness coast walk

Location: Tasmanian highlands

Length: 5–8 days

Distance: 74 km, plus many side trips

Difficulty: Medium

Access: One-way; road access and public transport links at both ends

Info: Permits required from November to May; walk must be completed north to south during this time

7. Eastern Arthur Range, TAS

Location: Southwest Tasmania

Length: 7–9 days

Distance: 89 km

Difficulty: Hard

Access: Return walk; Trackhead accessible by road, with public transport links in summer

Info: Steep and dangerous climbing required; summer walking recommended

8. Western Arthur Range Traverse, TAS

western arthur range

Image: Dave Cauldwell

Location: Southwest Tasmania

Length: 8–11 days

Distance: 75 km

Difficulty: Hard

Access: Circuit walk; road access and public transport links in summer

Info: Follows a steep and tricky skyline traverse; summer walking recommended

9. Cape to Cape Track, WA

western arthur range

Location: Southwest Western Australia

Length: 6–8 days

Distance: 135 km

Difficulty: Easy

Access: One-way; road access at both ends

Info: Spring wildflowers are a highlight; water may be hard to find

10. South Coast Track, TAS

south coast track

Location: Southwest Tasmania

Length: 6–9 days

Distance: 85 km

Difficulty: Medium

Access: One-way; charter flight or extra 70 km walk to one end, road access with public transport links at other

Info: Walking in the warmer months is recommended