Never too old to start…

You are never too old to start an activity program. A study released in the Journal of the American Medical Association showed that women over age 65 may live longer and better lives if they change their activity and exercise patterns for the better. Although there is little doubt that long term participation in physical activity or exercise can aid … Read More

Mental Success into 2017 and beyond!

One of my loves is short, sharp phrases or affirmation to help me switch on and stay focused with my goals. Here are 45 I have selected to keep you mentally tough from here on in. Notice they are not all fitness or nutrition based. They cover a number of different lifestyle aspects. Enjoy! 1. When in doubt… give more … Read More

Who is cheering for you?

Hi, How are you? Are you doing well. Is the end of the year treating you as you had hoped? Those goals you set up to achieve, are they any closer or have you collapsed in a heap with all the social pressure and expectations from work and client Christmas parties and family and school celebrations. You know what. I … Read More


Hello to all keen readers, I hope you are all well. With the year closing as I have alluded to in previous blogs we tend to lose our way and almost feel overpowered by societal pressures into celebrating the the festive season a little too much. This is matched by our fall away with our motivation to maintain our fitness and … Read More

Desserts that won’t break your calorie count

With Christmas and the festive season looming, we all like to indulge in a few sweets and desserts to complete the delectable meals you create. Now that you’ve set your goals to achieve and decided to go for it, set your goals and focus on you success. You may have decided to start up on a better eating plan as well, … Read More

Don’t supplement your Results for Summer!

The Supplement Syndrome If you were to build the house of fitness – nutrition, exercise, and motivation would make up the foundation; they would also make up the framing, the walls, the roof and pretty much the whole house. Supplements would then maybe be the satellite dish, or perhaps the little gnomes in your garden – not real worthwhile without … Read More

5 Dieting Myths and How to Conquer Them

Many fad diets are based off of dieting myths. It is these myths that make them the money that they make. Plus, these myths are quite believable and can be backed up with false data that appears to be real. This can get a lot of individuals into trouble. We just need to look at a few things and those … Read More

Five Fantastic Tips to go Furniture Free

Biomechanics is the study of living structures and how the forces created by and placed upon them affect how they work. As a Personal Trainer and movement specialist, I understand the relationship between musculoskeletal function, bone robustness (density and shape), and functions like breathing. Having too much furniture isn’t good, but in our modern lives, list how many different types of furniture you use. … Read More

Exercise for your sex life. Here’s why!!

We always look for reasons and motivation to exercise. Whether it is weight loss, a sporting dream, rehabilitation, strength, postnatal exercise or to increase your energy. if these don’t get you thinking about being fit and active and there are many more to add to the list. The one which I did not add to the aforementioned list is one … Read More

It Isn’t About Exercise, It’s About Moving

For young people, exercise usually has something to do with either performing in fitness tests or participating in sports. The problem is, not all kids are athletes, and many don’t find traditional exercise or fitness tests enjoyable. Ask a kid to run a mile or do as many push ups as he or she can in a minute, and the … Read More