Exercise for your sex life. Here’s why!!

We always look for reasons and motivation to exercise. Whether it is weight loss, a sporting dream, rehabilitation, strength, postnatal exercise or to increase your energy.

if these don’t get you thinking about being fit and active and there are many more to add to the list. The one which I did not add to the aforementioned list is one which we may seem to think is taboo to discuss, but is it something which is important to almost everyone in society.



If, for no other reason you cannot find a reason to get and get active, maybe this might do it for you. Get that confidence back

Here are a few areas where exercise can really make

a difference to your sex life

Exercise Makes You Feel Sexy

When you look after your health and fitness, you but feel sexier whether your male or female. many won’t admit this, but soon it will be true. If you train and dedicate yourself to your goal and get closer to it each week, how would that make your feel. Your confidence would be sky high wouldn’t it?  You would be on top of the world.  Much better than when you started.

Feeling more attractive and buying something special, isn’t it something you would share with your partner? Show your partner how good you look and feel.

Flexibility Leads to More Options for Sex

Flexibility does have it’s benefits in bed. You don’t need to be a Yoga master but considering the main areas of the body used for sex are the shoulders, hips, and entire back, if these are mobile and flexible chances are you will be more comfortable with what you want to do. If you are too tight you are limited to what you can do. It will also add variety which is the spice of life.

Regular Physical Activity Can Lead to Enhanced Arousal

During exercise feel good chemicals called endorphins are released, and this same release happens during sex. The more frequently you can trigger this endorphin release via sex or exercise, the easier it is to become sexually aroused.

Women in over Forties lives will be enhanced 

There is a study of over 5,500 Finnish women in their forties and fifties, showing that there is a  positive correlation between strenuous exercise and orgasm experiences for women in their forties.  These include  training methods of high-intensity interval training (HIIT), such as sprints and Tabata training, an intense gym or boot camp class, or challenging weight training session.

Men Are Less Likely to Have Erectile Dysfunction

  30 minutes a day, 4 times a week. Moderate activity or equal. Just doing this will reduce your chances by 2/3 of sexual dysfunction.  NEED I SAY MORE!!

Exercise Strengthens the Cardiovascular System and Improves Circulation

Aerobic exercise increases circulation, reduces stress,  and gives us energy, confidence and  muscular endurance. You know this will benefit you. Plus it improves blood flow, including to the genital regions, which leaves you more primed for sexual activity.


So if you are active and exercising, you will gain the benefits without realising, bit if you are looking for a way to boost your sex life and want to know why you should be active you just read it.  I hope you found this beneficial and useful.