Strength and fitness is not just for the young

Training would be easier if we were all honest about our motives. While a few athletes would say they train for sports performance because their livelihood depends upon it, many others would finally be forced to admit the truth. And the truth is, the majority of people train for vanity. Whether we want to admit it or not, the idea … Read More

Tips to kill the boredom of eating

Do you find yourself wanting-in fact needing-to sink your teeth into something not because you’re hungry but to fill that awful hollow inside yourself? The type of boredom that feels so unbearable that it drives us to the point of wanting to push that awful feeling way with food, is a sign of our soul trying to wake us up. … Read More

What does it really take to succeed??

Hi, With 2015 finishing and 2016 so much ever closer, those new years resolutions start creeping back into our thoughts and what do they really mean. Personally, I am not a great believer in New Years Resolutions as we should be setting and re-evaluating goals on a more regular basis. But, choosing to set a goal, what separates the “winners … Read More

Learn how not to waist your time on Diets for nothing.

In a few weeks individuals and families around the world will be celebrating and festival of sorts around the the end of December and early 2016. With all these celebrations come lots and lots of eating ad it does require some restraint in not overdoing the caloric intake. It is something we are all guilty of everyone once in a … Read More

Why Functional Training Is Important

If you’re getting started with a workout program, one of the top things that you need to be giving some consideration to is the types of exercises that you’re choosing to include in your program. Far too many people just dive into the first workout that they come across, without ever analysing the true benefits that this workout is going … Read More