Learn how not to waist your time on Diets for nothing.

In a few weeks individuals and families around the world will be celebrating and festival of sorts around the the end of December and early 2016.

With all these celebrations come lots and lots of eating ad it does require some restraint in not overdoing the caloric intake. It is something we are all guilty of everyone once in a while.

It is then afterwards when we come into the New Year and we make those resolutions where we want to lose all those calories we took in(and we all know we were not active enough to burn off all that energy).

So, What do we look for in a diet plan? Well here I’ll let you know what not to look for in a diet plan and why.

 Why Popular Diet Plans don’t Work

There are all of these popular diet plans out there, but they aren’t working for the millions of individuals trying them.

Yes, they do sometimes result in weight loss, but that weight loss tends to be temporary. And when weight gain occurs, the weight simply comes back faster than ever and more than what was lost was gained. This results in yo-yo dieting that is not healthy for the body in any way.

Why low fat diets don’t work

Did you know that the body needs fat? The fat is needed in order to keep our metabolism in check. When we don’t get enough fat in our diet, our bodies think that they are being starved to death. When the body thinks that it is being starved, it goes into defense mode. This defense mode results in the body making the fat on its own. You would be amazed at how smart the body is and how many things it is capable of.

Why low calorie diets don’t work

When it comes to why low calorie diets don’t work, metabolism comes into play again. When the body is deprived of calories, metabolism slows down. When metabolism slows down, the body is not burning and processing what it needs to burn and process at a fast enough pace. This is because the body thinks you’re starving it, so you will not be able to burn fat. Instead, you are losing muscle and muscle is important to keep a high metabolism.

And just like low fat diets, the weight loss is temporary. Sure, you will have a leaner appearance, but the truth is that you’re not leaner. The way to be lean is to have lean muscle.

Why low carb diets don’t work

 Low carb diets have shown results, but they are also temporary. However, the plans are extremely difficult to follow, so it is very easy to fall off of the wagon. The diet restrictions are numerous. There has also been evidence that these diets are not as healthy because of the carb reduction and the increase in protein. The body still needs carbohydrates to function. Yes, these diets allow some carb consumption, but not a lot.


What does work?

 There is a popular diet plan that does work and it’s called Metabolic Jumpstart. This program focuses on boosting metabolism by using exercise and eating the right foods. The body was designed to run on a diet of fruits, vegetables, and all of those nutrients that nature produces for us. It was not made to consume artificial ingredients because they have no nutritional value.

Basically, Metabolic Jumpstart teaches you the right way to diet rather than the wrong way, which is what a lot of these popular diet plans teach. They look at the “quickest” way to lose weight and not necessarily the healthiest way. However, it is important to note that eating the right foods and exercising to boost metabolism can not only take the weight off effectively, but make sure it stays off. A lot better than a short term “yo-yo” result.

But what Metabolic Jumpstart does is take into account each person’s lifestyle, activity level and work-life and designs a specific food plan that incorporates all the nutrient groups every single day. Your body doesn’t need tons of different types of food each day…just certain foods that have what you need.

So now you can eat and enjoy yourself without killing your caloric intake.

Be sure to keep yourself active as well so you can go into 2016 with a great start.

Train hard, smart and stay strong for long,

Alive PT