Making sure you have time for everything!

The words ‘time management’ can bring up feelings of control and restrictive schedules. But it’s a common term for how we organise our daily tasks to do the things we need to do and provide a balance between work, family and personal activities. When I discuss this with my clients, more often than not they tell me it is hard … Read More

Here are 5 Keys to Making 50 the New 30 with powerband training

1.Continually exercise using different patterns and planes of movement I have stressed this point numerous times over the years. Yet I rarely see it being done consistently.  Muscles and joints have the ability to move in 3 planes of motion, yet most exercise programs only use straight forward and back single (sagittal)plane movement patterns. All joints and muscles can move … Read More

Become grounded by training on all fours.

One of my favourite modalities/styles of training is ground based. For those that know me, I am very much into Animal Flow, created by Mike Fitch, founder of the Global Bodyweight Movement. In fact, I incorporate Animal Flow not into only my training, but aspects of my clients. Using your body as a resistance and having both your hands, feet in … Read More

Drink your way to weight loss.

How Can Water Help You Shed Kilos? So, you have got the diet clean and healthy and you have been following your exercise program for a month now but you are getting discouraged with the results of your weight loss so far. The fact is you may not be consuming enough water. It sounds stupid really because all you ever … Read More

Your gut health…Its been around longer than you know!!

Despite being considered by many as a relatively modern field of research, the first descriptions of human-associated microbiota date back to the 1670s–1680s, when Antonie van Leeuwenhoek started using his newly developed, handcrafted microscopes. In a letter written to the Royal Society of London in 1683, he described and illustrated five different kinds of bacteria (although he called them animalcules … Read More

Crossfit: Pro’s and Con’s

I write this to you, not to dismiss the Crossfit concept but to educate you a little about it. I am not a Crossfitter, but for an odd reason, people over the last 2-3 weeks have been asking me about it, so I thought I’d do a little research and here is what I found. Pro’s and Con’s. CrossFit is a … Read More

Please excuse me for butting in.

If I was to train only one muscle group regarding movement is concerned I would  choose the glutes – even before abs. They’re the largest and strongest hip extensor in the body, and having those muscles in proper working order can create a list of benefits: Strong hip extension Hip capsule stability, and improved hip mobility Proper knee tracking Reduced back … Read More

How to stay on track over the festive season

As we creep towards the end of the year, our food and eating challenges become bigger and bigger. And yes, it is not easy to stay on track especially as you have been working hard to get where you are. We are only human and we have emotions, so there might be a chance that we struggle to keep our … Read More

Diet soft drinks. Why would you?

The Great Soft Drink Debate: Regular or Diet – is one really healthier than the other? You don’t have to be a health nut to know that soft drink isn’t good for you. But is it really all that bad? Is it ok to just have it once in a while? And if you’re going to have it, is it … Read More