How to stay on track over the festive season

As we creep towards the end of the year, our food and eating challenges become bigger and bigger.

And yes, it is not easy to stay on track especially as you have been working hard to get where you are.

We are only human and we have emotions, so there might be a chance that we struggle to keep our eye on the prize. The goal you have been craving is ever so close.

But not to worry. Here are some helpful tips that can help you get through the festive season and keeps your sprits up when you feel as though the emotions are getting the better of you.

·  If you do indulge, keep the number of indulgent days to a minimum. Sure, you may celebrate Christmas Day, New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day, but be aware that a month-long feeding frenzy can take its toll of your waist line.

·  Opt for weight maintenance over the holidays. Attempting to continue weight loss over Christmas may set you up for failure. If this sounds like you, aim to keep your weight stable.

·  Inform family the week before they arrive that there is no need to bring food. You have this covered.

·  Let people know you don’t want food as gifts, especially chocolates, lollies or nuts.

·  Eat fewer calories during the day if you have a big evening dinner planned.

·  Keep between-meal snacks in small bowls and put away packets or jars of nuts and lollies so they are out of sight.

·  Keep your physical activity routine on track. An after-meal walk or backyard game will help you digest your food and counteract the calories.

·  Buy the kids active presents. Examples include bicycles or sports gear.

·  Plan a family day out at the park, zoo, or indoor game centre to get people moving again after Christmas Day. Book an adventure holiday rather than a few lazy days poolside.

·  Ask for an active present, such as gardening tools, a rock climbing course or weekend at a health retreat to kick-start your New Year program.

Employ one or more of these, depending on where you feel you need it most and I am sure you will be successful over the festive season.

Start planning now to make it easier for you.

Eat clean and be active,


Alive PT