Strong bones, healthy body! 3 tips for Healthier bones.

A new house is going up down the street from me. I pass the construction site almost every day, and sometimes I’ll stop and chat with the crew. They’re busy framing the house, and apparently, they tell me, this is the most important step. And it makes sense, right? The foundation has got to support the structure.

 The Same goes for our bones. Healthy bones mean a healthy foundation. And a healthy foundation for our bodies will pay dividends for years to come.

3 Tips for Healthier Bones

While we’re younger, our bodies produce lots of new bone tissue automatically. But as we age, that production slows, and if we’re not careful,  they will become weak, brittle and will be risk of breaking.

Of course we’ve all heard of the merits of calcium but here are other effective ways to build healthy bones, and most of them don’t take a whole lot of effort. Here are a few:


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1. Find new ways to move your body.

Instead of your usual routine, try something new. Yoga and tai chi, for example, are great low-impact ways to teach your old body some new tricks. Swimming is another easy exercise for older bodies.

2. Increase your weight bearing exercises.

Weight bearing exercises refer to how much you can resist while exercising on the ground whether it be in a gym setting with weights or bodyweight training. Being strong enough to easily carry your own body mass will do wonders for your bones.

New research shows that strength training has a greater effect on your bone health than cardio exercises. This may depend on which weight bearing activities you participate in and what type of cardio you do.

Also,Bone density can be vary in each person, i.e, People might have sound bone density in their hips, but have poor bone density in their neck or shoulders.

3. Get out of your chair and onto your feet.

Sounds simple, right? As we become increasingly used to spending long hours in our chairs at work, our bones are paying a heavy price. Instead of taking the escalator, take the stairs. And rather than renting that golf cart, try walking the course instead.

Remember, that when it comes to bone health, you want to build a healthy foundation. And that doesn’t require a lot of fancy equipment or an elaborate selection of pills. All you need is your body, and a little motivation. The earlier you get up and active, the sooner your bones will enjoy the benefit of greater density.

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