Slips Don’t Have To Be Setbacks

Hello everyone,

I hope you are having a fantastic day. As a Personal Trainer, I come across, and have have programs to help manage people’s weight loss and food planning.

It always starts off well and they all jump on with great enthusiasm and zealousness.

And then the slip up.


Oh poor Lord. It is as if you have committed a crime.

I am not trying to belittle anyone at all. As I, believe it or not am not perfect.

But let’s put some perspective on this situation.

I, for one would love to see everyone go through their food plan, completely perfectly without missing a beat.

But I know we are human and we have emotions(some might think of me as a little less human), so chances are there might be some times when you slip up and stumble a bit. Or a lot.

So it happens. And yes, it is annoying and frustrating and feels like all your work has gone to pot.

I have news for you. It hasn’t really. Not at all. Just wipe it off. Remember what happened and learn from it.

It is not different from learning a new skill. You are not going to master it right away. It might take longer than you thought. But keep trying and start again. Use the tools you have been given to start again. But get back up off the canvas, dust yourself off and start again.

Have a read of this from Matt O’Neill, one of Australia’s most well respected Nutritionists and Dieticians about managing slip ups and changing your mindset when they happen.

Slips in motivation and temporary detours from your diet are a normal part of the weight loss process. The key to managing slip ups is preventing them from becoming major setbacks. Here are some positive ways to think about slip ups:

  1. I expect to slip up occasionally – I know that I will experience slips and whilst I aim to keep them to a minimum, I am prepared for these.
  2. Everyone has slips – I know that other people slip up too and it should be no different for me.
  3. I’m prepared for high-risk situations – I know my diet danger zones, such as eating out or eating when bored. I have a strategy ready to manage them.
  4. I can enjoy the occasional indulgence – Allowing myself to relax my diet at times means I am in control and on track to reach my goals.
  5. I can adapt to unexpected challenges – I know I can’t control everything. When my plans go out the window I pause and devise a back-up strategy.
  6. I can make up for slips later – I can choose to make up for the slip the next day to keep my average up.
  7. I can learn from slips – Every time I have a slip it presents an opportunity to learn and make changes to reduce the chances of the slip happening again.
  8. I can start with a clean slate after a slip – I can choose to forget about the slip up and start fresh.
  9. It’s my average that counts – By accepting slip ups I know that my average success will be high. It’s my average that counts. Not being perfect 100% of the time.
  10. A slip doesn’t affect everything – Just because my diet took a detour for a few days, it doesn’t mean I’ve failed. I always keep my diet in perspective and know I’m successful.

Saying these mantras to yourself helps reprogram your thoughts as you move forward in your journey towards your goals.

How good is that.

See you can all do it. Pick one Mantra and achieve your goal.

Have a great day and watch this space for more informative blogs.

Stay Fit and Happy,