Skip your way to Summer Success

If there’s one form of cardio that you should start doing in your workout program to maximize your success, skipping would be it. Far too many people completely overlook this form of cardio and instead gravitate to the usual – slugging it out on the treadmill or cycling away while reading a book or magazine (which is a sure sign you aren’t giving 100%).

If you’ve been spending all of your time doing cardio on the machines lately, it’s definitely time for a change. Skipping will help you accomplish this change perfectly.

Let’s go over some of the best reasons why skipping is a must-have in your workout approach.

It’s Going To Work Both The Upper And Lower Body At Once

The first reason why skipping is of such great benefit is because it’s going to help you work both your upper and lower body at the same time.

Most cardio variations are only going to stimulate the lower body muscles, but skipping takes things one step further and will help you get a full body workout all in one.

This is great news for those who are looking to firm up their arms and accelerate their rate of fat burning. Skipping will stimulate the quads, glutes, hamstrings, as well as the shoulders, biceps, and triceps.

It Mimics Interval Training

Moving along, the next big benefit of skipping to know about is the fact that it will mimic interval training. Since very few people can skip straight for 10 minutes or more, most often you’ll do one or two minutes of skipping combined with a brief rest period as you catch your breath.

Make no mistake about it – skipping is very intense. As such, you’ll receive all the same benefits that you would from an interval training workout.

This includes a metabolic boost post-workout, greater fat burning all day long, and improved aerobic and anaerobic capacity.

It Burns As Many Calories As Running

Third, skipping is great because it’s going to burn up a very high amount of calories as you do it. In fact, skipping will burn just as many, if not more calories as running when done with enough intensity.

For overall fat burning, this is also highly important. So now not only do you get an excellent calorie burn after the workout is completed, but you get a very good calorie burn during the workout as well.

For every 10 minutes or so of skipping, you’ll easily torch 100 calories if not more (the more skipping and less resting you do, the more calories you will burn).

It Boosts Your Coordination

Finally, skipping is also going to help to enhance your coordination as well. This is important for anyone who is participating in sports of any nature as the better muscle-mind coordination you have, the better you’ll be able to control your patters of movement.

This then dramatically enhances the performance that you give.

So there you have the most important points to know about why skipping is a great form of cardio. Have you tried it lately? If not, do so at your next workout so that you can see what it’s all about.