Shorter queues with better health

Dear society,

Hi. it’s me again. Remember, I wrote about why I think the PDHPE curriculum should return to straight PE. More movement. More activity. Healthier, fitter students. Better focus and concentration. Less obesity and fewer medical issues.

Well here is another thought.

I, like everyone here in Australia pays taxes and hears and sees the medical industry is in disarray.


Waiting lists for beds in public hospitals. The need for larger hospital beds because the current ones are not big enough.

Pretty sad. Don’t you think.

If you look at many of the reasons why people are being admitted to hospital you will see there is a large percentage of the cases are cardiovascular issues(heart, lungs, respiratory).


I am not here to belittle the genuine causes for people requiring medical services in any way.

However, it is a frustration to see that many, many admissions in to hospital and/or even just the local GP or specialist can be avoided and completely prevented if people took some care with diet and exercise.

If we as a society were healthier and did not need to be medicated or treated because we neglect our health, imagine how the queues of hospital beds would all of a sudden just disappear.


Not just that. it would mean that the doctors could spent their time on cases that are not preventable.

Yes, I said it. PREVENTABLE.

If we took a bit more time focusing on what we ate and were more active:

The burdening cost of society would be less

Those individual(s) who would have been going to the doctor or hospital could work and not need to receive health or medical benefits if they were fitter and stronger.

It is not only the appointments before surgery that costs. Don’t forget that for most people that have surgery or treatment, will need post-surgery rehabilitation/treatment.

This also, costs time and money.

All because we cannot take a little care of ourselves.

Am I the only person who thinks this way??

I do understand that there are many genuine medical cases that require constant care and work and this is what the medical services should be about and doing.

We should not waste the time of medical professionals because we are lazy and cannot have a balanced diet and exercise. That is all is required in many cases. Pretty shameful.

If anyone thinks I am harsh, please let me know? I am all ears.

Fitter and more active.

Keep yourself healthy and save money not just for you, but the whole of society.