Move your body well and it will look after you.

The most important aspect of any physical training is quality of movement. A good, sound movement pattern has to take priority over increased loading. To dominate in and out of your training environment you need strength, speed, power, agility, and endurance. Everyone knows they are the basics of high performance.

But these are basics built upon solid, foundational  movement patterns. A good coach and/or trainer will be able to identify whether a client has been loaded up to soon by merely looking at the action and seeing whether there are any breaks or weaknesses within the movement chain. Plus, they will also know how to modify and take the movement back to where it should be.

Just because a program is written, does not mean this equates to perfect practice of performance.

It may be a simple tweak of one or two movements within an exercise. Or it might be each exercise has to be changed or substituted.

The Importance of Movement Quality

Whether squatting, pushing, pulling, twisting, bending or rotating, movement quality will have the biggest effect on whether your training is going to improve or inhibit your performance.

Your body will train what it is told to do, within the structure it has.

If you train your body poorly, when the movement pattern is not correct, then you are at risk of further damage to your body and inhibit any progress.

Your training should improve your physical competence, not solidify errors.

What Really Matters

Many people believe weight, reps should be their point of reference.

Load your body, perform your reps, and compete the sets. This is where the problem starts. Overly stressed muscles, joints and tendons do not work well on a regular basis, especially if your form is not safe.

Your training should be where you perfect the movements your will be performing. The gym is a controlled environment. It’s not the place over-stress your body.

Positioning, range of motion, and control should be the priorities of every movement you perform in the gym. Focus on these and you’ll build a body that moves efficiently and with purpose, which will lead to your goals at a much faster rate.

You’d never suggest anyone start a program without demonstrating to them what good form and movement is, so why not treat yourself the same way.

I’m not suggesting you avoid lifting heavy weights. Just prioritise movement quality.


  • Control
  • Positioning
  • Range of motion,
  • Then add strength


This should be a practice for all programs and movements whether indoors, outdoors, in a yoga class, the army.


Look after your body and your body will look after you.