Dear society. Why are we like this?

Dear Society,

I am writing to you as I want to rant and air my concerns and issue with you. Being a Personal; Trainer and involved in the fitness industry for over 20 years, my grip is not so much with the fitness side of things, but more how we operate and how we have de-evolved as functioning, mobile, standing up humans.

Here is a thought……

Would it be nice to have proper PE classes again?

What does that mean you ask.

Allow me to explain and where my train of thought is going.

Previously, around 25 years ago, the education experts decided to minimise the amount of Physical Education students have and bring on two other subjects, Personal Development and Health.

So what you ask?

Well here is my rationale.

Physical Education is more than what the outsiders see.

Like any other subject there are areas that you like and others that you don’t like. Just because you don’t like it does not mean you should not be exposed to it and do your best.

Even more importantly, the motor patterns developed, the coordination required, the strength involved, the communication skills and leadership that is developed through physical activity cannot be replaced.

Our bodies were meant to move. Made and designed to move. To have this taken away is almost negligent.

And there’s more…..

By allowing children to run, jump, twist, rotate, skip, hop, slide. Let’s just say it. MOVE AND BE ACTIVE. There are many more positives.

A child’s bone density will improve, so their skeletal framework will be stronger for longer. Pretty good start. Did you know that girls and even some boys are having early Osteoporosis due to the lack on impact on their bones due to a sedentary lifestyle.

PE lessons are sometimes the only form of activity these children have. Yes, academics are far more important?? Don’t get me started on that.

Do you want to hear irony?

In some schools, They play Rugby Union. Nothing wrong with that. Great game.

However, when the game involves contact(tackling, scrimmaging) and the schools do not teach that sport due to the fact of injuries, a little confusing.

The poor overall fitness and health of today’s children can be improved markedly if there was not a fear of litigation and suing parties due to injury.

Children need to fall, bump, run, jump move.

Their motor patterns need to be developed.

Their hearts need to work.

There is evidence showing that being active helps students concentration levels and can improve learning.

Why deny them the opportunity.

Life is about balance. It is about time our society led by example and stopped creating burdens on the medical system. That, I will explain soon.

Get the kids up and active. Give them a chance to fall. But more importantly, give them the opportunity to get back up and build.

So who’s with me??