Overcoming Excuses

Is this subject getting a little repetitive? Physical activity is good for you! How much more evidence do you need to be convinced? Probably none! It is more likely that you need to work out how to overcome the daily obstacles to acting on your best intentions rather than hear more research telling you that being active will add years … Read More

Make your first step in 2016 a good one

Taking steps is all about getting people to make movement a part of their everyday lives. The body is built for movement, and like the old car out in the shed, it will just rust away if not used regularly. If you are already regularly active, great, just make sure that you maintain that existing habit. If you are not … Read More

The not-so new face of illnesses

One hundred years ago, the most common causes of death and disease – pneumonia, influenza, and tuberculosis – were contracted by infection. Because of vaccines and antibiotics that have been developed through modern medicine, these and similar diseases, such as smallpox and polio, are typically no longer life-threatening. Today the most common forms of death – cardiovascular disease and cancer … Read More

Dealing With Fatigue During Your Workout Sessions

As you get started with your workout program after having breast cancer surgery and out of the rehabilitation stage and you want to start increasing the intensity , one thing that you may start to find is that you are experiencing a higher level of fatigue than you used to. This is perfectly normal and natural. Your body has just … Read More

Strength and fitness is not just for the young

Training would be easier if we were all honest about our motives. While a few athletes would say they train for sports performance because their livelihood depends upon it, many others would finally be forced to admit the truth. And the truth is, the majority of people train for vanity. Whether we want to admit it or not, the idea … Read More

Tips to kill the boredom of eating

Do you find yourself wanting-in fact needing-to sink your teeth into something not because you’re hungry but to fill that awful hollow inside yourself? The type of boredom that feels so unbearable that it drives us to the point of wanting to push that awful feeling way with food, is a sign of our soul trying to wake us up. … Read More