Quick snacks on the go!!

With Summer and the festive season edging so much closer to us, one of the first part of our fitness and health routine that leave us first is the eating. I’m right aren’t I.

Parties, social functions. Do you really need a reason to fall over and lose focus.

One area that a lot of people I talk to have trouble with is  eating between meals and snacks. What can I eat? I don’t have time? It is too awkward, messy…..I have heard it all.

So, by the end of this blog you should have no problems finding a snack to have with you wherever you are and this will keep you satiated.

Snacks are an important part of your eating plan when you are wanting to stimulate your metabolism and wanting to eat something that it not a “forbidden food”  or throw your eating plan right off This list here adds nutrients, provide energy and help you manage between-meal hunger. So if you are on the go, which we all are at one time or another, have a look at this list and prepare a healthy, yummy snack to keep you on track.

Home Quick ideas out of the fridge or pantry:

¨ Fruit salad – ¾ cup fruit salad with 100g Yoplait Forme’ French vanilla yoghurt

Raw veg sticks – 1 cup raw veggies dipped in 100g of low-fat cottage cheese .

¨ Bread & Philli Light – 1 slice of Burgen fruit and muesli bread with a thin spread of reduced-fat table spread

¨ Strawberry smoothie – (200ml skim milk, 2 tbsp low-fat yoghurt, 250g frozen strawberries) ¨ Vitaweats – 4 small Vita-weats =
Kraft Free cheese – 2 Slices, 40g = 0.5 Dairy

Office / Desk drawer                                                                                                                          Fresh & packaged ready-to-eat snacks:

¨ Soup – Continental Vegifull Eight Vegetables soup 250g

¨ Fruit tub – Diced fruit in natural juice – small tub

¨ Tuna – John West Tuna with onion and tomato savoury sauce – 95g

¨ Mixed nuts, 30g

Car Portable one-handed options:

¨ Grapes – 1 small bunch of grapes

¨ Nobby’s Nude Trail mix – 25g

¨ Chic nuts roasted chickpeas – Herbs & garlic flavour, 25g packet.

Cheese and crackers – Mainland On the Go tasty light, 30g

¨ Yoghurt – Dairy Farmers Thick and Creamy 170g tub Field Strawberries

Keep in your handbag                                                                                                                    Back-up items that won’t squish:

¨ Mandarins x 2

¨ Edgell 3 beans and corn thai sweet chilli flavour, 150g

¨ Muesli bar – Be Natural fruit and nut trail bar

¨ Sanitarium Up & Go Vive – banana flavour

¨ Dried apricot halves x 6

Movies(not the best, but better than other options.)

Yes, you can bring in healthier options:

¨ Maltesers – 12g snack pack

¨ Uncle Toby’s simply fruit bar – 1 bar

¨ Grain waves – 1 Small pack (30g)

¨ Trail mix (1 cup air popped popcorn, 20g mixed nuts, ½ tbs sultanas, 3 dried apricot halves)

¨ Diet soft drink 1 can

¨ Jelly snakes x 6

If you would like more information about this and/or other great ideas, don’t be shy to contact Alive Personal Training or www.metablicjumpstart.com.au.