Create your own gym with minimal outlay

Women training outdoor with Alive PT

When assembling a home gym studio, you can spend tens of thousands of dollars decking out your place with the best state of the art equipment. But for all intents and purposes, you have to ask yourself is it really going to achieve the goals I want?? Can I achieve the same results and spend significantly less. Here are some of what I believe are the some of the best array of equipment which is easily purchased and will not cost an arm or a leg and will not take up too much space.

You do not have to buy all of these, and you might have your preferences. Good, stick to them. But with these items, you will have unlimited amount of workout choices and options to choose from for every fitness goal.

In no particular order

Jumping rope: Skipping is a high-intensity cardiovascular workout that requires balance, strength and agility. You can use it nearly anytime and anywhere as a complete workout or for quick intervals between weight training sets or circuit training stations. Pack one in your suitcase and you never will miss another workout due to your travel schedule.

Kettlebells: Are cast iron hand weights that help[ you get back to basic training by developing functional, whole body fitness. Lifting and controlling a kettlebell engages multiple muscle groups at once. They are a great addition to any home gym.

Chin-up bar: A great way to go some bodyweight lifting, or attach some bands or suspension trainer and have your own section and total body workout in a relatively small area.

Free WeightsIncluding free weights in your home gym isn’t for everyone, but free weights and a solid weight rack allow you do one of the most important exercises for strength – the full squat. Multi-station gyms may be a good substitute for many people, but if you have the experience and space free weights are the way to go

Balance equipment(Fit Balls & BOSU Balls): Are an excellent, inexpensive addition to any home gym. Balance exercises will improve your core strength, agility and coordination in all sports and greatly reduce your risk of injury.

Bands: Portable, cheap and easy to use, bands create constant tension throughout your movements and even increase and you further the lever. A slightly different feeling compared to other types of resistance. Good for rehabilitation and joint strength.

Suspension trainers: If you can, purchase one of these. They are portable and are a fantastic piece of equipment which requires your whole body(core/postural muscles) to work together in order to make the exercises effective. Light and portable, also a great tool if you are travelling a lot and want an simple workout system.

Elliptical training machine: Offer a comfortable, non-impact exercise activity that almost anyone can do. The movement is horizontally oval. You can adjust the intensity or keep the movement easy for the very sedentary. It is currently the moist popular item in health clubs and you may want to try out several models before selecting one.

Rowing Machines: Are good if you want one piece of equipment that provides a whole body workout. Rowing uses both the upper and lower body for aerobic exercise. Proper technique on a rowing machine is important in order to avoid back strain.

It is important to learn and understand how to use each of these items, so you can maximise their benefit and also to minimise the risk of injury.

Except for the machines, you can easily purchase all the other equipment for under $1000 including small sets of weights and kettlebells.

The machines can range in price, so be wary and know what you are looking for.

Happy Training,

Alive PT