Come along. Jump on board!!

Have you wanted to keep fit but never had the time? Don’t like running, swimming or boxing to help you lose weight and get fit? Well, what about rope jumping.

Portable, high intense so you can keep it short and with a good time frame to train, you don’t need much space. What..No more excuses. Now there is no reason not to have a go.

The sports training potential of jump rope has long been underestimated as a complete from of fitness training. Many times will it be incorporated into individuals training regimes, but rarely, if at all will it be used solely in its own.

When used properly, jump rope training can lead to dramatic increases in sports and athletic performance.

Rope Jumping requires the coordination of several muscle groups to sustain the precisely timed and rhythmic movements that are integral to exercise.

It is this coordination that increases the capacity for dynamic balance-the ability to maintain equilibrium balance while executing complex, vigorous and multi-directional movements.

This type of jumping increases dynamic balance because the individual must make numerous neuromuscular changes to the imbalance created by each of the many jumps per training session.

What’s more, apart from the coordination, which is developed as you train, there are many other great benefits of jump rope training:

Cardio vascular fitness: Regular and sustained jump rope training will train your heart to pump much more efficiently. In fact, jump rope training at 120bpm(2 jumps per second) is equal to 30 minutes jogging or 12 minutes of swimming.

Fat Burning: Along with the cardiovascular fitness, rope jumping creates a fantastic way to burn fat. A 75kilo person jumping at an average of 120bpm can burn 720 calories per hour.

Upper body workout: Not to be ignored, even though the majority of the movement of jump rope is through the lower body, the arm, shoulders and torso cannot be ignored. When jumping for extended periods of time, your shoulders, back, torso and chest will be utilised and go though fatigue and you continue to turn the rope numerous times.

In fact, if you are injury free and are looking for an easy way to commence a fitness regime to get fit and lose come weight and be in really good shape, give the jump rope a go.

Start with short sharp sessions of 30-60s per set. Perform up to 10 of these to start and then increase the time of each set until you can do 60s times 10 sets.

From here you have a good base to either do jump rope on its own or incorporate it in with other training you might do.


Grab a rope and start jumping. Enjoy!!