The big four reasons to do group fitness training

If you’ve been doing solo workouts for years and are looking for a change, or are completely new to exercise but just can’t bring yourself to go alone and put in hour after hour each week, one thing that you should consider is group fitness classes.

Group classes are becoming more and more popular right now as many people are getting great enjoyment from partaking in them on a regular basis. If you have yet to try one out yourself, now might just be the time to do so. Let’s have a look at some of the key benefits of group fitness that you should know about and consider.

Greater Motivational Levels

The very first reason to consider group fitness classes is simply because they will dramatically help to increase your motivational levels. Most people find that when they know other people will be counting on them to show up, this increases their desire and determination to get to the session. While you technically don’t ‘have’ to show up for group fitness classes as the group will go on without you, you do still have other people who will hold you accountable. If you’re constantly missing sessions, your group will be asking why. This can help you stay committed to success.

Increased Social Support

The second big benefit of group fitness classes is that they’ll bring you an increased level of social support as well. Most people are social by nature and that’s one big drawback of solo workout sessions. You’ll start to feel bored and when that sets in, you’ll fall off the bandwagon. Increased social support can keep you coming back from more, and also include more people in your life who are taking health and fitness seriously. The people you spend time with are a great influence on you, so the more often you can be around those who are into fitness, generally speaking, the better it will be for your own progress.

Lower Cost Of Workout Sessions

The third benefit of group fitness is the lower cost of the workout sessions themselves. When working one-on-one with a personal trainer, you’ll have to bare the training costs all on your own. When working in a group, this cost is shared amongst a number of people. This makes getting personal training far more possible for many people. If you have a tight budget, group fitness is for you.

The Competitive Element

Finally, if you’re someone who is highly motivated by competition, this can also highly work in your favour.  When you see others who are pushing themselves to the max, this may in fact make you want to do the same, meaning that you’ll strive for a higher level of progress overall. If you need inspiration, try joining a group fitness class where people are slightly above your level. Don’t jump too far ahead, but to a level where you will have to push hard to keep up. Then watch your fitness level skyrocket. So give some consideration to group fitness classes. They may just be the type of class that gets you committed to your workouts and seeing results long-term.