Here is an offer you cannot refuse. If you are between 25-55 come and join the premium outdoor training group on Sydney’s North Shore. FOUR WEEKS OF FREE TRAINING!! YOU HAVE NOTHING TO LOSE!! There is shelter if there is any inclement weather so you are always looked after. DO NOT MISS OUT! NUMBERS ARE LIMITED! Contact Alive Personal … Read More

Exercise Myths and the Facts

At some time or another you will probably come across the following myths during your exercise journey. Here’s what you need to know to separate the fact from the fiction. Fiction: Strength training will make women too muscular Fact: Many women are afraid that strength training will make them bulky. However, women don’t actually have enough testosterone to create big, … Read More

Are you a doer or procrastinator??

Are you playing the blame game? You know, that game you play when you pretend nothing is ever your fault, so you just blame someone or¬†something else. When it comes to fitness, you think of any possible excuse as to why you are at your current fitness level. Whether it’s time,¬†genetics, a slow metabolism, lack of knowledge, family influence, you … Read More