Here is an offer you cannot refuse. If you are between 25-55 come and join the premium outdoor training group on Sydney’s North Shore. FOUR WEEKS OF FREE TRAINING!! YOU HAVE NOTHING TO LOSE!! There is shelter if there is any inclement weather so you are always looked after. DO NOT MISS OUT! NUMBERS ARE LIMITED! Contact Alive Personal … Read More

Summer’s wet’n’wild workout

Pool Session (Approx 40 minutes) Here is a pool session you can do in your backyard pool to balance your sessions that you can do during the week or instead of your usual gym sesison. Being in the water during the Summer will make it much more pleasant in the heat. Even with air conditioning gyms  and studios can still … Read More

Drinking your way too successful fat loss

As you go about your healthy diet plan to help maximize your performance level in the workouts you’re doing as well as help burn off body fat and build lean muscle mass, one thing that you must not overlook is the beverages that you’re taking in on a daily basis. Far too many people completely overlook the fact that their … Read More

Outdoor fitness training in Lindfield

If you’re about to get started with a workout weightloss program, or are a seasoned pro who is looking for a change, one thing that you’ll want to be considering is the benefits of outdoor training. Many people are quick to think that they must be performing their workouts in the gym environment for them to be effective, but that … Read More