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Health studies reveal that many of today’s overweight and obese people are established emotional eaters; this means that when they’re stressed out, bored, and lonely, they easily turn to their pantry or fridge to find a solution. The endorphins released by gobbling up chocolate cake can distract them from their feelings and temporarily make them feel better.

But personal trainers claim that when people eat because they feel bad, they become more prone to eating, too. So, in the process of making themselves feel better, they end up creating a different problem and actually feeling much worse. What typically happens is that people who felt bad from the start berate themselves after bingeing for not having self-control.

However, there is a better and super-effective solution, and that is fitness Gordon health and well-being experts staunchly advise people who are feeling low and are inclined to head to the kitchen to feed their emotions to take a different road — one that would take them to real recovery from the “pain.”
One of the more effective ways to cope with strong emotions that drive people to eat more is to find a diversion. What’s the best diversion, you ask? An exercise programme with a personal trainer. Is there any better way of using your extra money than to spend it on something that can take your mind off of your negative “feelings,” create a new goal, and make yourself better in so many ways?

Just think about it: Are there sad people doing personal training? None, right? When you head outside and see a personal or group training session, you will only find people who are determined to reach their goals no matter how tough the process is. These are people who bask in their victories (no matter how small they are) for every session and get encouragement from their trainers so they will continue plodding forward. You ought to know that chocolate cake and all those sweet treats are not the only “releasers” of endorphins – exercise does the same and performs that magical “negative feeling” zapping stunt, too. In addition to this, seeing yourself over time becoming healthier, sexier, more confident for being able to do more things (like playing sports with loved ones and going shopping for really nice clothes) are such fantastic personal rewards.

So, if you’ve been feeling the blues lately and you want to create the best situation out of that, get fit! Hire a personal trainer in Gordon or pick up a sport – you will surely feel better, and oftentimes, the difficulty of exercising also presents lessons useful in working out problems. How much better are these than feeling lethargic, bloated, heavy and consumed with self-pity?



Linda L.

Training really helped in in my fitness goals. Over the past year I've lost about 13 kilos. Good combination of doing a training and exercising 3 days a week and a little bit of change in diet as well. Training has been real critical part of it and doing bootcamp with Michael has really helped to keep me motivated, keep me going to training and pushing me beyond what I would do if I was lift my own devices where I sort of slack of a little or not even bother going. So it really gets me motivation to keep going and get out there each of those mornings and work as hard as I can.

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