Outdoor fitness training in Lindfield

If you’re about to get started with a workout weightloss program, or are a seasoned pro who is looking for a change, one thing that you’ll want to be considering is the benefits of outdoor training. Many people are quick to think that they must be performing their workouts in the gym environment for them to be effective, but that simply is not the case. In fact, outdoor fitness workouts can be far more enjoyable and even effective if you know how to structure them properly. Let’s go over some of the key benefits that you should consider as far as outdoor training goes. Chatswood and Lindfield are have fantastic parks to train at.

Fresh Air And Larger Environment

The very first benefit to taking your workout outdoors is the fact that you’ll feel far more energized with the fresh air and open environment around you. Many people work in office buildings and are cooped up all day long, so to go do your workout indoors, often it’s just not desirable. Not to mention when the weather gets warm, many people strongly want to get outside, so by taking the workout outdoors, there is less of a chance they skip the session. Being outdoors also gives you far more open space as well, so this means that you have greater variability with regards to the exercise choices you do .


Moving along, another key benefit to taking your workout outside is that it’s cost-free. While you may need to pay the trainer you’re working with, there are no gym memberships or facility costs to pay. This is especially good for when you’re getting in your own workout yourself. Gym memberships can be pricey, so having a way to save here is highly beneficial for those on a budget.

Great Allowance For Interval Training

Another great thing about exercising outdoors is that it allows for greater interval training capacity. Interval training is easily the most effective form of cardio training to rapidly help you burn fat fast, but the drawback to it is that when done on cardio machines, it can take a bit of time to get up to speed.  Since the interval itself is only going to last for 20-30 seconds, this means that it can really hold you back in terms of the results you generate. With outdoor intervals however, the only limiting factor is your own acceleration capacity. You can get up to speed as quickly as your body will allow you to, making this a far more effective way to exercise. Interval training is also very effective for weightloss. Uphill running sprints outdoors for example are easily one of the best workouts around for both fat burning and increasing your fitness level. So there you have some of the key benefits that you need to know about when it comes to outdoor workouts.  Don’t think that you must be cooped up in the gym all year long. While you may want to keep a few workouts in there, try and get outside more often as well. You’ll enjoy the workout far more and stick with it long-term.