Losing those love handles 101

Tired of your overweight body and need help getting rid of love handles? You know, those extra inches of flab that hang around your waist are the direct results of excess weight gain. It’s a fact that millions of people are overweight and are constantly on the lookout for simple, yet effective products and services to help them lose the extra weight and getting rid of love handles. There are reams of information and suggestions on this subject stacked on the shelves of bookstores and sprawled across the Internet. Coupled this with the hundreds of weight loss products on the market, it becomes quite clear how people can become downright overwhelmed when it comes to discerning what is safe and effective for getting rid of love handles.

However you choose to view it, the bottom-line is that your love handles provide a signal to you that your body is not as healthy as it can be and your weight gain- in all the wrong places- is a visual indication of the fact. So, if you are tired of looking at what you see in the mirror, it is time to take action. Do you agree?

Let me share something with you…you can lose weight and body fat; you can experience success getting rid of love handles or toning any area of your body that you desire. It doesn’t have to be as complicated as some of the diet companies and advertisers make it out to be. Every diet program or exercise product is touted as the next “must have” overnight solution to your weight problem. The fact of the matter is that there are no easy roads to losing weight or getting rid of love handles.

Once you make the decision to address the issue, you need to gather the necessary information for making an informed choice regarding your fitness and nutritional strategy. Whatever you elect to do, keep in mind that the most important ingredients for getting rid of love handles is a strong desire and the will to lose the fat. There is a saying… “Your Attitude Will Determine Your Altitude.” Or, more appropriate… “Your Attitude Will Determine Your Fat Loss.”

So, back to the task at hand, getting rid of love handles. It’s going to require a three-prong approach to tackling this challenge:

Attitude and Motivation

I believe it was Winston Churchill who said “Never, Never, Never Give Up!” When taking on the challenge of losing weight and whipping the body back into shape, a lot of people simply second-guess themselves or get frustrated and quit when their program does not seem to be working or the fat loss is very minimal. One thing you need to realize is that you did not accumulate the flab overnight and you will not be getting rid of love handles as quickly as you would like.   So, starting with the right attitude and the right mindset is key to keeping yourself motivated to accomplish your goal. Eliminate negative words such as “failure” and phrases like “I can’t” from your vocabulary. Tom Venuto, author the best selling e-book on nutrition and fitness on the Internet for the last several years “Burn The Fat, Feed The Muscle,” recommends reframing negative phrase with uplifting phrases like ,” This is only temporary” and I produce results.”   I often adopt a mantra to help my clients focus on their fat loss goals by  quoting “burn fat and build muscle,” especially when they begin to plateau or need that extra push when things get tough. After a while, their mindset changes and they start to bear the fruits of their persistence and determination. Do not underestimate the power of having the correct mindset!

Diet and Nutrition

You can work on improving your diet by getting into the habit of reading the food labels when you do your grocery shopping. Make it a point to avoid certain kinds of fat, most notably trans fatty acids and saturated fats. You’ll find saturated fats in animal products such as dairy and meat. Trans fatty acids are common in foods that contain “hydrogenated oils” in them. Use less oils, butters, and cream when preparing your dishes. Instead of regular or whole milk try using skim milk. If you must use oil, olive oil is a great substitute. When using eggs, remember that using more egg white is better than egg yolk.   If you really want to turbo charge your getting rid of love handles diet avoid really starchy foods. Understand that foods like bread, rice, and cereal have their place in a well balanced diet; the key here is not to over do a good thing. However, if you’re not working out a lot the additional calories will end up as body fat.

Fitness and activity

Find a workout routine and the determination to stick with it. Exercise is what creates the enzymes that are essential for breaking down the stored fat into fatty acids. This fatty acid is transferred to the metabolically active muscle tissue and is burned as energy. Your workout regimen should include muscle building and toning of the muscles. This will help your body’s metabolism and burn fat (calories) even during periods of inactivity.   Your getting rid of love handles exercises can be greatly enhanced by incorporating an aerobic activity into your strength workout. Walking, hiking, jogging, skating, and swimming are excellent activities that will assist you in working your muscles and burning off the calories.   Now, just visualize yourself in your new, toned body. Not only have you succeeded in getting rid of love handles, but also you have an improved self-image, a new found confidence about yourself. Also, this healthier life will save you money in ways you have yet to imagine. It’s all up to you; get from in front of the television, up off the couch and resolve that getting rid of love handles is a priority and that you won’t stop until you’ve accomplished your goal. You can do it.