Fitness for legs and fat loss

Want to firm up your lower body? Now is a great time to place more focus on your lower body since you may still be experiencing some restrictions in what you can do with your upper body exercises. Women who have just come out of breast cancer surgery do need to things a bit slowly at first as they get used to the weight lifting stimulus again and their body starts to increase it’s strength level. If you dive in and do too much too soon with your upper body workouts, you could end up spraining or tearing a muscle, tendon, or ligament, or causing complications with the recovery process. This makes it a perfect time to put more focus on the lower body instead. Let’s look at some of the top movements that you should consider as you go about your workout program.


The first great exercise for the lower body is the lunge. The lunge is nice since it’ll target the glutes, hamstrings, and quads all at once, so is a complete strength builder. When performing the lunge, make sure that you do keep your knees moving over your toes at all times as this will ensure that you aren’t suffering from any increased tension in the inner or outer knee cap. Lunges are great since they can be done with a barbell across your back or while holding a set of weight  or just  your own body.


Second, next up on the list of exercises to include in your workout program are squats. Squats are another fantastic glute builder, especially if you move all the way down throughout the entire movement pattern, placing a maximum amount of stress on this muscle group. Just be careful with posture and these deep squats should really only be performed under guidance of a qualified fitness instructor, are well practised and have good alignment and posture. When doing squats, it’s important that you main as upright of a position with the body as possible to prevent lower back pain from developing. Squats can be done with a squat rack ideally if you want to use weighted resistance, or they can also be completed as a body weight activity as well.


Deadlifts are the next exercise to include in your workout program.  Deadlifts are fantastic glute builders and are going to be stressing your hamstrings and lower back especially. Perform them after your squats, close to the start of the workout as this is when you will be at your most fresh and able to give a maximum amount of effort. Deadlifts can cause some people lower back pain if not done properly, so do be sure that you think of pulling the weight upwards through the lower half of the body and not through the back.

Split Squats

Finally, the last exercise to perform as part of your workout program is the split squat. The split squat is a perfect movement that will target your core along with your lower body as it will really put your balance to the test. Split squats are going to be quite challenging at first, so you may want to consider doing this without any resistance to get the hang of the movement. Then once you’re ready, add more resistance to the exercise and carry on from there. So there you have the top lower body movements that you should consider adding to your workout program. If you aren’t doing these, now’s the time to get started.