Drinking your way too successful fat loss

As you go about your healthy diet plan to help maximize your performance level in the workouts you’re doing as well as help burn off body fat and build lean muscle mass, one thing that you must not overlook is the beverages that you’re taking in on a daily basis. Far too many people completely overlook the fact that their beverages do have calories and these may add up quickly if you aren’t careful. Most people also won’t cut back on their food intake because they consumed calories through liquid form, so if you’re adding plenty of high calorie beverages to your day, fat loss is going to be almost impossible. Let’s go over some of the most important beverage do’s and don’ts that you must know for success.

Don’t Drink Fruit Juice

The very first thing that you must eliminate from your diet at all costs is fruit juice. If you’re drinking fruit juice, you’re adding way too much sugar to your plan and will experience a set-back because of it. Focus on real fruit instead. That’s where the fiber is.

Do Indulge In Green Tea

Next, do make use of green tea on your diet plan. Green tea provides numerous antioxidants to the body and will also help to accelerate your metabolic rate as well. What more could you ask for? Plus, it’s calorie free as long as you don’t go adding sugar to the tea.

Don’t Go For Gourmet Coffee

Third, stay clear of any of those gourmet coffee beverages at the local smoothie house. More often than not, these are just glorified milkshakes or desserts-in-a-cup. Drink those and your body weight will show for it. If you must have coffee, go for black and try adding a bit of cinnamon to it if you need extra flavour.

Do Prepare Your Own Fruit Smoothies

Another thing that you really have to watch is fruit smoothies. These are also very high in calories and can also be loaded in sugar content. Aim to stay away from any prepared in a restaurant/smoothie bar.

Instead, create your own. Make it out of protein powder, Greek yogurt, frozen fruit, and a bit of flaxseeds or natural nut butter for your healthy fats. This will be a far better calorie-controlled option that will have minimum sugar, far more protein, and a good dose of fiber as well. This is precisely what you should be looking for.

Don’t Overdo Alcohol

Finally, last but not least, make sure that you don’t overdo alcohol. Alcohol is a fast way to ruin any diet plan and the calories will add up very quickly – especially if you add high calorie mixers to the drink. Make sure that if you do drink, you use tonic water as a mixer and focus on alternating an alcohol drink with a class of water as well. So there you have the top tips to remember as far as beverages and your diet is concerned. Make sure that you are not overlooking any of these.