Dieting Myths and How to Conquer for ChristmasThem

13579_790345771009916_5305619693689411359_nMany fad diets are based off of dieting myths. It is these myths that make them the money that they make. Plus, these myths are quite believable and can be backed up with false data that appears to be real. This can get a lot of individuals into trouble. We just need to look at a few things and those things include knowing that every person is different in their physiology. This means that certain diet plans may or may not work for the different people out there. Let’s just review some of these diet myths.

  • Myth #1: Low carb diets will make the kilos melt off – The truth about this is that these diets may take off kilos, but they may be taking off kilos at a cost. Furthermore, they are hard to follow. They are incredibly too strict, they are hard to keep up, and you feel miserable. Your body does need carbs. If you don’t have enough carbs you get headaches, you lose sleep, and you become irritable. After you lose weight, you could find yourself gaining weight.
  • Myth #2: Low fat diets are the only way to go – If the food is low fat, it probably has a lot of calories in it and will make you gain weight anyway. Besides, your body needs fat to function. You have to have a certain degree of fat. Yes, these are “low fat,” which means you get some sort of fat, but you probably aren’t getting what you need.
  • Myth #3: Starvation diets are great! – If you don’t have food, you can’t function. You have to have vitamins and minerals every single day in order to live. If you are on a starvation diet, the rules are that you barely eat, but drink plenty of liquids. This falls into the category of “crazy diets that don’t work.”
  • Myth #4: Pre-packaged diet plans will do the job – These are the “one size fits all” diets and this is not the case. Where one person may lose weight after spending hundreds with these programs, others may not lose at all. These are very expensive plans when you can do something much cheaper.
  • Myth #5: Do what the celebrities do – You don’t want to do this because a lot of celebrities use unhealthy diets when they need to lose weight quickly for a movie or for the next leg of their tour.

So don’t believe these myths that lead to fad diets that don’t work. Besides, there is a reason why these diets eventually reach “fad” status. They only tell you what you want to hear and do not reveal reasons why it may not work.

Often these “diets” only help you achieve your goals and once you achieve this goal you are left to fend for yourself. No support or maintenance program.

Many of these programs do not look at the big picture of helping your eating behaviour so you do not fall back into the “old routines”. Don’t get sucked into them. Call your dietician to help you out and/or recommend something that will suit your needs.