Why Functional Training Is Important

If you’re getting started with a workout program, one of the top things that you need to be giving some consideration to is the types of exercises that you’re choosing to include in your program. Far too many people just dive into the first workout that they come across, without ever analysing the true benefits that this workout is going … Read More

Come along. Jump on board!!

Have you wanted to keep fit but never had the time? Don’t like running, swimming or boxing to help you lose weight and get fit? Well, what about rope jumping. Portable, high intense so you can keep it short and with a good time frame to train, you don’t need much space. What..No more excuses. Now there is no reason … Read More

Drink to lose weight

So, you have got the diet clean and healthy and you have been following your exercise program for a month now but you are getting discouraged with the results of your weight loss so far. The fact is you may not be consuming enough water. It sounds stupid really because all you ever read about to maximize your weight loss … Read More

Quick snacks on the go!!

With Summer and the festive season edging so much closer to us, one of the first part of our fitness and health routine that leave us first is the eating. I’m right aren’t I. Parties, social functions. Do you really need a reason to fall over and lose focus. One area that a lot of people I talk to have … Read More

Train it up for Christmas

In this day and age of weight loss and fitness training methods, I will endeavour to explain a few training techniques that may used. By the end of this article you will have a little more knowledge on cardiovascular fitness training and how to employ it for your own training. Along with resistance training and a well-balanced eating plan fat … Read More

Why you should suspend your Fitness

Have you seen individuals or groups of people pulling, pushing, rotating, elevating on their legs, hands either one or both? Chances are it was suspension training. A fantastic type of training that can be exclusive or integrated with other styles of fitness, it uses your own bodyweight and gravity as a means of intensity. This is different to the standard … Read More