Burn away those Winter calories with Body weight workout!



With the Winter setting in around Lindfield and the cooler weather making the motivation difficult to hit the gym, here is a bodyweight workout that you can do in your own home. Great for mums, dads and any corporates who would like to initiate that fat loss that has been hanging around.

How good is that. Your own workout you can do on your own. Now there is no reason to miss out on your workouts.

At the basic level, your body is the best resistance your require to keep yourself strong.

 All you need is a small area to work in, plus you can seamlessly transition between each exercise without missing a beat.

This works especially you’re time poor and can only afford 30-minutes because this workout is short, sharp and compact.

Now, the problem a lot of people have with bodyweight exercises is a lack of variety.

Who wants to do pushups, jumping jacks and lunges every single day?

I know I don’t  :-D

Here’s the intense 30 minute session I just put my clients through earlier this morning.

  • Dynamic Bodyweight Warm Up – 5 minutes
    • High Knees Running in Place
    • Walking Lunges
    • Prisoner Squats
    • Pushups
    • Arm Crosses
  • 20-10 Total Body Burner – 10 Minutes
    • Wall Squats – 20 seconds on, 10 off x 4 rounds
    • Close Grip Pushups – 20 seconds on, 10 off x 4 rounds
    • Reverse Lunge w/ Knee Up – 20 seconds on, 10 off x 4 rounds
    • X Body Mountain Climber Burpees – 20 seconds on, 10 off x 4 rounds
    • High Knees Sprint in Place – 20 seconds on, 10 off x 4 rounds
  • Ladder Up (Love Handles Down) Conditioning Workout – 10 minutes 
    • Prisoner Squat Jump
    • Star Jumps
    • Total Body Extension
      • Start by doing 1 rep for each exercise, one right after the other.  Next round, do 2 reps, then 3, 4, 5 and so on.  Each round add 1 rep to each exercise.  Go as high up the ladder as you can in 10 minutes.  Only rest when necessary.
      • Cool Down – 5 minutes

Do it! Enjoy it!