Are you really motivated for your fitness or weight loss training??

Why people do anything in life is a topic worth exploring.  In the case of toning and shaping your body, it is of the utmost importance to initially address this topic before going into a diet and exercise program. Many books will primarily focus on what to eat and how to perform various exercises.  Of course this is the meat and potatoes of any training program, but without the right motivation a person will not maintain any consistency over the long run. Do you agree?

I’ve been training for many years, for various reasons and events,  and it is amazing to see the types of people keep in shape while others have the best intention, but never can seem to follow though.  Why is this?  It all comes back to their motivation.  How strong is their motivation to succeed or to change their body?  My motivation in my early 20’s was primarily to stay in shape to attract the opposite sex (laughing to myself).  Some might say “wow, that’s superficial”.  Yes maybe, but it worked.  Now that I’m older and married with  young family my motivation has changed.  My motivation now is to stay fit and healthy because it feels good and to set a good example to my clients and children. Plus, it’s fun. I enjoy staying in shape because I know what I like and don’t like. What I want to achieve and what my goals are.  I’m not always perfect, but I eat healthy about 9 out of 10 times and I enjoy combining the physical, emotional, spiritual, and mental – becoming a more balanced individual.
Ok, let’s get back to you…  What is your motivation?  I would like to start off by addressing various topics that I feel are important for you to achieve success.

Australians loves to spend money
Australia spends millions and millions of dollars on face creams, surgery, supplements, anti-aging concoctions, clothes, makeup, etc.  It seems that companies will sell you anything that will appeal to your insecurity promising to “help you look young” or to simply “help you look better”. We love that “quick-fix”/instant gratifaction zone. I see all of these ads and promises and it makes me cringe inside.  I feel that people are being manipulated by advertisers who appeal to their insecurity and tell a story that is simply untrue.  Usually the story is something like this:  If you try my product (fill in the blank), overnight you will look younger and feel better.  Companies in the 21st century are smart.  They appeal to a person’s need to believe that changing your looks or your body is easy.  Let me be the first to tell you that the cheapest and most efficient way to look better is simply eating healthy and exercising.  It may not be easy but it works.

This is the best way to slow down the aging process, look sexier, and to reduce wrinkles.  Again, if you want to look good – eat healthy and exercise.  I am a very upfront and honest person and I’ll be the first person to tell you not to appease yourself by holding onto the misconception that all the expensive face creams and such will help you become more youthful.  They won’t if you’re not eating healthy and exercising.  So in this case your motivation for change could be aesthetics, health, sex appeal, and energy.  And this is obtainable by eating healthy and exercising.

Let’s stop this gullible mind-set and this revolving door of products that will burn a hole in your pocket and do not work, are not practical or have any longevity. Why not sit-down and set some good challenging, yet achieveable goals doing an activity you enjoy and you’ll be pleasantly surprised at hoe simple and easy it is.

If you apply the same dedication and diligence as you do your working week to your training and nutrition………LOOK OUT YOU MIGHT GET A VERY RUDE SHOCK!!

Stay headstrong and focused.

Best Health,