The smart ways to combat injuries when working out.

michael winter

As you go about your workout program, one thing that you’ll need to make sure you’re doing is working to prevent injuries. Injuries often happen due to be careless and not fully paying attention to how you’re approaching your fitness workout. Fortunately, if you keep a few key tips in mind, you can prevent them before they hit you. Let’s … Read More

Strong bones, healthy body! 3 tips for Healthier bones.


A new house is going up down the street from me. I pass the construction site almost every day, and sometimes I’ll stop and chat with the crew. They’re busy framing the house, and apparently, they tell me, this is the most important step. And it makes sense, right? The foundation has got to support the structure.  The Same goes … Read More

Personalised Fitness Training to your door!!

Hi, Here is something to get you going for the week. Do something everyday to make your goals happen no Matter how small it might seem, it is always going in the right direction. “Success is the sum of small efforts – repeated day in and day out.”   Have a great week and I’ll see you all soon. Yours … Read More

Slips Don’t Have To Be Setbacks

michael winter

Hello everyone, I hope you are having a fantastic day. As a Personal Trainer, I come across, and have have programs to help manage people’s weight loss and food planning. It always starts off well and they all jump on with great enthusiasm and zealousness. And then the slip up.   Oh poor Lord. It is as if you have … Read More

Band vs Weights. What is the difference?

michael winter

Greetings Superstars, A few weeks ago I posted a video about the difference between Elastic/Band training and using weight. I love my bands and band training and they have a big place in my training and those of my clients, but I also use other forms of resistance. But I feel I did not fully explain and get the message … Read More

Get up and Stand up for your Health


Greetings one and all, Are you sitting down to read this? If so, you may be engaging in one of the major health problems of the 21st century! Sitting, as it turns out, burns little in the way of calories, and may well be the cause of the obesity ‘epidemic’ that we are struggling with in Australia at the moment. … Read More

Shorter queues with better health

michael winter

Dear society, Hi. it’s me again. Remember, I wrote about why I think the PDHPE curriculum should return to straight PE. More movement. More activity. Healthier, fitter students. Better focus and concentration. Less obesity and fewer medical issues. Well here is another thought. I, like everyone here in Australia pays taxes and hears and sees the medical industry is in … Read More

Dear society. Why are we like this?

michael winter

Dear Society, I am writing to you as I want to rant and air my concerns and issue with you. Being a Personal; Trainer and involved in the fitness industry for over 20 years, my grip is not so much with the fitness side of things, but more how we operate and how we have de-evolved as functioning, mobile, standing … Read More

Are you working hard enough??

No pain, no gain is the saying, but who defines what pain is? It turns out that you do. Recent research shows that the intensity of physical activity needed to reduce the risk of heart disease depends on individual fitness levels, and you are the person to determine what a hard workout really is. The bad news in this is … Read More