The big four reasons to do group fitness training


If you’ve been doing solo workouts for years and are looking for a change, or are completely new to exercise but just can’t bring yourself to go alone and put in hour after hour each week, one thing that you should consider is group fitness classes. Group classes are becoming more and more popular right now as many people are … Read More

Learn and understand the basics of recovery


Recovery from Exercise – Looking at what’s Best The human body operates most efficiently when it is in balance, or has achieved a state known as homeostasis. As such, optimal recovery means that all body systems have returned to the state they were in before exercise (homeostasis). However, for most avid exercisers, recovery is a limiting factor. The better you … Read More

5 easy ways to prepare for Spring


As Winter comes to an end and people start to come out of hibernation, your fitness and health goals sometimes take time to get going. Read these 5 tips to help you get back on board. 1.Motivation is key. Many people start out an exercise program with boundless enthusiasm, but have left it by the wayside after only a few … Read More

Are you really motivated for your fitness or weight loss training??


Why people do anything in life is a topic worth exploring.  In the case of toning and shaping your body, it is of the utmost importance to initially address this topic before going into a diet and exercise program. Many books will primarily focus on what to eat and how to perform various exercises.  Of course this is the meat … Read More

Break your fast to lose weight


It seems like a paradox, but eating actually can help you maintain a healthy weight and even lose a few kilos, especially when it comes to breakfast. Many of us skimp on this important first meal of the day, either because we’re in a rush or it seems like a good place to cut a few calories. Unfortunately, this usually … Read More

Losing those love handles 101


Tired of your overweight body and need help getting rid of love handles? You know, those extra inches of flab that hang around your waist are the direct results of excess weight gain. It’s a fact that millions of people are overweight and are constantly on the lookout for simple, yet effective products and services to help them lose the … Read More

Drinking your way too successful fat loss


As you go about your healthy diet plan to help maximize your performance level in the workouts you’re doing as well as help burn off body fat and build lean muscle mass, one thing that you must not overlook is the beverages that you’re taking in on a daily basis. Far too many people completely overlook the fact that their … Read More

Alive Personal Trainer loses weight with water


So you are doing your fitness and weight loss training and have got the diet clean and healthy and you have been following your exercise program for a month now but you are getting discouraged with the results of your weight loss so far. The fact is you may not be consuming enough water. It sounds stupid really because all you … Read More

Chatswood Trainer explains the benefits of functional training

In the fitness world the term functional training is often bantered around, with most people not knowing to what this actually means. In relation to what they  do or how this may affect their training or general day to day movement patterns. One of our main focuses for our Outdoor Group Training and Personal Training clients on the North Shore … Read More

Quick fat loss tips from North Shore mobile Fitness Trainer

Four Foolproof Ways To Burn Fat Faster   If you’re  looking to get down to your goal weight in record time, taking some steps to discover how you can enhance the total amount of fat burning you see on a daily basis is important. Those who do everything they can to enhance their energy expenditure will notice that fat burning … Read More