Christmas drinking facts

With the festive season nearing, society tend to overindulge in the Christmas spirit. For those who are wanting to stay trim and/or those who are in fact in the process of achieving their goal,  don’t undo all that hard work. It will all be worth it in the end. Only a few more weeks to go. One question that often … Read More

Create your own gym with minimal outlay

Women training outdoor with Alive PT

When assembling a home gym studio, you can spend tens of thousands of dollars decking out your place with the best state of the art equipment. But for all intents and purposes, you have to ask yourself is it really going to achieve the goals I want?? Can I achieve the same results and spend significantly less. Here are some … Read More

Top Tips to make your shopping weigh less.

Prepare yourself the right way for supermarket shopping and you’ll come home with a healthy hamper. Here are some tips to ensure a successful shopping experience. Plan your meals so you know what ingredients to add to the list. Check your fridge and pantry to see what supplies you need. Develop a routine, whether it’s small, regular shops or larger … Read More

Don’t skip out on Jump Rope Training!!

If there’s one form of cardio that you should start doing in your workout program to maximize your success, skipping would be it. Far too many people completely overlook this form of cardio. and instead gravitate to the usual – slugging it out on the treadmill or cycling away while reading a book or magazine (which is a sure sign … Read More

Why you should suspend your Fitness

Have you seen individuals or groups of people pulling, pushing, rotating, elevating on their legs, hands either one or both? Chances are it was suspension training. A fantastic type of training that can be exclusive or integrated with other styles of fitness, it uses your own bodyweight and gravity as a means of intensity. This is different to the standard … Read More

Burn away those Winter calories with Body weight workout!

  With the Winter setting in around Lindfield and the cooler weather making the motivation difficult to hit the gym, here is a bodyweight workout that you can do in your own home. Great for mums, dads and any corporates who would like to initiate that fat loss that has been hanging around. How good is that. Your own workout … Read More


  Here is an offer you cannot refuse. If you are between 25-55 come and join the premium outdoor training group on Sydney’s North Shore. FOUR WEEKS OF FREE TRAINING!! YOU HAVE NOTHING TO LOSE!! There is shelter if there is any inclement weather so you are always looked after. DO NOT MISS OUT! NUMBERS ARE LIMITED! Contact Alive Personal … Read More

Get pumped!! Facts about Blood Pressure.

When most people are told they have high blood pressure (or Hypertension) it comes as quite a shock. With many people being diagnosed between the ages of 25-45, it is fast becoming a great concern for both the individual and their young families. 

The problem is, it has no early symptoms. You feel good, life’s great. Yes, you may be … Read More

Your Diet needs a break when…..

3 Signs You Need A Diet Break One of the biggest mistakes that far too many people are making on their diet program is neglecting to consider a diet break. You’re seeing good success and as such, the last thing that you want to consider is stopping. Or, perhaps you aren’t seeing success – it’s quite the opposite. Try as … Read More

Exercise Myths and the Facts

At some time or another you will probably come across the following myths during your exercise journey. Here’s what you need to know to separate the fact from the fiction. Fiction: Strength training will make women too muscular Fact: Many women are afraid that strength training will make them bulky. However, women don’t actually have enough testosterone to create big, … Read More