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At Alive Personal Training every effort is made to create specialised programs for our clients that are varied, enjoyable, challenging yet achievable. We endeavour to assist our clients in making positive lifestyle changes that will be ongoing, and also help them adapt to these changes with support, motivation and nutritional advice.

You can find us in:

  • Chatswood
  • Gordon
  • Lane Cove
  • Roseville
  • Willoughby
  • North Shore
  • Lindfield

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Karl Stefanovic, Today Host Show

“G’day folks I’m Karl Stefanovic and I have been with Alive now for about 6 months and I’ve just found it incredible in the way it’s just toned me up physically. I’m not a fan of doing really heavy weights or anything but this stuff using my own body weight I’ve found really beneficial. I’ve just got fitter, I’ve got stronger, and overall the experience is incredibly enjoyable and also rewarding. I’ve found it better than a gym. So it’s been fantastic for me and I can thoroughly recommend it to anyone.”

— Karl Stefanovic

Alive Personal Training

I commenced my Training sessions with Alive Personal Training January 2011 this year.

“I was looking to strengthen my back as it is weak and to lose some weight and increase my energy levels.
I can honestly say since using the services of Alive Personal Training, the strength in my back had improved significantly. I no longer feel the same aches and pains as I used to and I am also losing weight. I already fit into some smaller sized pants and top which is what I had hoped would happen.”

— Monique King

I achieved my goals and more

“I have been training with Alive Personal Training for 9 months now and I have lost 15 kilos, increased my strength and have an abundance of energy. The sessions challenge and motivate me and I have now been able to restart playing indoor soccer which I have been wanting to do for the last 6 years. I can now do it without fatigue at a level higher than before. take the step and commit to Alive Personal Training.”

— James Benjamin

Alive Personal Training

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Locations: Chatswood, Gordon, Lane Cove, Roseville, Willoughby, North Shore, Lindfield

Mobile: 0405 014 629

Email: info@alivept.com.au

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